homemade playdough

Homemade playdough – with no cream of tartar!

Homemade playdough - with no cream of tartar It has been an eternity since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post about something we have made! That's partly because we don't often have the time to make things, now that both kids are at school! And partly because life has got in the way of me doing any blogging. We just seem to be permanently busy! Anyway last week my daughter came home with some homemade playdough that her teacher had given her and informed us we needed to use cream of tartar to make it. Of course ...
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autumn leaf prints
fruit skewers
paper plate sheep
messy with gloop

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Paper Plate Pig

Recently we went on a day trip to a farm, so when my three year old was demanding to make ...
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Mosaic Paper Plate

We were looking for an easy activity that would work for both children (4 and nearly 7) and settled on ...
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Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons

Last week, we went to an open morning event at Jack's nursery. It was a chance for us to see ...
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15 Fab Winter Crafts

So Christmas may be over, but winter is definitely not finished yet. So we have decided to do a round ...
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Do you have budding chefs in your family? Read some of our family friendly recipes here:

Our visit to Baddesley Clinton and the ymmy scone there, inspired me to make scones with Jack on Tuesday while ...
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chocolate stars cake
To celebrate both kids having been nominated as stars of the week in their respective classes at school, we whipped ...
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We made cake pops last year and decided it was about time that we tried again! ...
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Chocolate fudge cake, with lashings of buttercream, has to be my all-time favourite kind of cake to eat and all ...
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I got myself a new blender, as my last one decided to give up a couple of months ago. And ...
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Have you ever thought about how much fun you can have with your kids and a roll of pastry dough? ...
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