UKCA schools Competition 2015

On Saturday 20th June, the velodrome in Manchester played host to the UK Cheerleading Association schools competition.
UKCA Schools Competition

This was our second year to attend the UKCA schools competition with our 7 year old, who was competiting in the Key Stage 1 group.

Last year the team did a pom routine and came fourth so sadly did not get to bring home one of the big trophies. It was the first time the school had taken the “mini owls” to the competition though, so everyone was very proud.
This year, as there were a lot more year 2’s in the group, they tried something new. They tried a stunt routine.
The girls had worked really hard and gave it their all – performing their routine the best I had seen them do it.
And to their credit they got a well-deserved second place trophy!
The day itself is very long. We had to drop Rachel at school for 5.45am and she didn’t get back til around 8pm.
We set off not long after 6am to arrive in plenty of time for their performance, which was very early this year – last year we rushed their to discover they were only performing at 1pm!
The atmosphere in the velodrome is fantastic, full of really proud and supportive families.
The day is compered by one or, this year, two comperes ably assisted by the dj. The enthusiasm they exude keeps the audience entertained and excited and if you need a break from it, you can come and go as you please. Sadly this year it was raining – last year we laid out on the grass outside the velodrome in the sunshine.
The performances are packed in and at around 3pm they hold the awards ceremony.
There are large trophies for the teams placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st and the others get a small trophy. There were also some special awards handed out at the end – once again our coaches received a special award for all their services in pushing the cheerleading in schools right from the start.
We left once the awards were done and made it back to Coventry around half 6.
Shattered but very proud!