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Travelling to Florida

Yesterday we set off on our biggest family holiday yet. At 5.30 am we left my dads house to head to the airport to start the first leg of our journey. 10 hours of flying with my kids was enough to fill me with dread. But i just had to remind myself (quite a lot) […]

A weekend away without kids vs a weekend away with them!

Last month hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. As it was a big one, we decided to go all out and have a fancy weekend away in London, just the 2 of us. No kids. I get giddy just thinking about it! I know we are lucky to have family close enough to […]

Make Your Own Pinboard

Here is a fab little craft – making your own customised pinboard.  I got this idea from a friend, who was making them herself in the hope of selling them for a bit of extra cash. This is a great activity and makes something that can be used afterwards for many purposes! It is an […]

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