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Meeting Santa in the Servants Quarters

Last weekend we enjoyed a family trip to Shugborough Hall to meet Santa Claus. The day had been planned by the grandparents and it was a lovely surprise to see the 3 cousins together again! As is standard for our days out, the weather was suitably cold with a real chilly wind just to keep […]

Dealing with Mommy Guilt

We all get terrible mommy guilt at times. Even those of us that are generally quite hard! I seem to write similar posts intermittently, moaning about my mummy guilt! I work full-time – we couldn’t afford for me not to – so I am out at work, on a variety of different shifts ranging from 10am starts […]

chocolate stars cake

Chocolate Stars Cake

To celebrate both kids having been nominated as stars of the week in their respective classes at school, we whipped up this simple shimmery chocolate cake, decorated with chocolate stars and kit-kats! Chocolate Stars Cake Ingredients: Chocolate cake 150g sugar 150g butter 120g self raising flour 30g cocoa powder 2 eggs 1tsp baking powder Toppings […]

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