Autumn Veg Picking

A couple of weeks ago, whilst battling with flu, before Jack started at nursery, we went back to Malt Kiln Farm to do some vegetable (and more fruit!) picking.

We set off straight after dropping Rachel at school and arrived there about 9.30am

We headed straight onto the picking field, grabbing some punnets and a basket to collect all our goods in.

I was excited to see that they had some strawberries and raspberries left as both children love these, so firstly we headed to the raspberries and got a lovely big pun net full of raspberries. I’ll be honest, I had to do most of the picking as Jack was very much in a supervising mood!


Then we moved along to the sweetcorn. I wasn’t sure whether the children would eat the sweetcorn but I know hubby and I love it.

I have never picked sweetcorn before and I wasn’t really sure where to start, so we walked around the cornfield a bit debating what to do!

When we worked it out Jack did a great job helping me pick the corn and carrying back to the basket. We ended up picking rather more than we intended, but I knew we could give some to the in-laws!

After the corn we headed into the other field to find the strawberries. Jack was a very proficient strawberry picker, although it took quite some attempt to convince him to only pick the really juicy red ones!

Finally, we picked some green beans as we headed back towards the shop. We didn’t go mad on these as I was pretty sure only James and I would eat them!


We gathered some more goodies in the lovely farm shop, well, we did after Jack had finished choosing a small bag of pick and mix sweets, which took him about half an hour!


We had a lovely morning out in the fresh air and I highly recommend fruit and vegetable picking as a great activity to involve your children in.