Handprint Autumn Trees

We made some great handprint autumn trees, using brown paper, paper plates, sellotape and paint.


Firstly we made some leaf-coloured handprints on the brown paper and set these aside to dry.

We made, green, red, yellow, orange and brown (although the brown turned out a bit more like purple!)


When they were dry, I carefully cut them out, with some assistance from the children..

Then we glued them onto the back of a paper plate, in an overlapping circle.


The children enjoyed spreading the glue all over the back of the plate, but I helped them attaching the handprints.

Next we made the tree trunk out of more brown paper – a long, strip, rolled into a tube and sellotaped together.

We cut slits down either side of the tube at the top.

Finally we inserted the paper plate into the “trunk”.

Ta Dah – Autumn Trees.