Hatton Country World Pumpkin Week

We were lucky enough to win tickets Hatton Country World’s Pumpkin Week event, thanks to the lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence.

So when I had an unexpected day off midweek, we decided to make the most of it and head over there for some fun!

We arrived at around 11am and headed straight into the farm park.

Firstly we visited the goats and guinea pigs in the indoor barn – both children enjoying a cuddle with one of the guineas.
Then we went through to the Scary Scales and Terrifying Tails area – where Rachel held the blue tongued lizard! Very brave of her I thought!
After leaving the barn, both children were sucked into the JCB Track play area – whizzing around on the mini tractors and trucks.
We managed to drag them away from there and walked around, past the pigs to the falconry centre. They both wanted to skip this section and go straight for the slide, but I managed to get them to look at the birds, and Rachel was super excited when she saw the Snowy Owl – her school has recently implemented a house system and as their logo is the Owl, the 4 houses are named after breeds of Owl – Rachel being, of course, a Snowy Owl.
After this they went on the slide – Jack got half way up and chickened out, so Daddy had to go up and go with him!

Then we headed down to the bouncy slide and castles and fairground rides.

They had a turn on a couple of the rides and then we managed to convince them to head up to the indoor play area and restaurant as it was lunchtime!

We had lunch in the packed out restaurant – luckily some people kindly offered us their table, otherwise I guess we would have been searching for quite some time. The kids had the standard packed lunches, I had pizza and James had a sandwich and portion of chips. It was not particularly cheap although the portions were large and just about made it worth the price. Personally, I would rather have had smaller portions at a lower price, but being in the catering industry I understand that it is business.

After lunch it had begun to drizzle a bit – which was a shame.

We headed over to the pumpkin field to choose our two pumpkins and then took them over to the carving tent and the haunted house.
They very bravely headed into the Haunted House – although Jack did get scared half way round and demanded that I carry him.

After our trip into the Haunted House we sat down at the tables and carved our pumpkins. Daddy chopped the lids off, then we got the kids to scoop out all the insides. Then Daddy carved Rachel’s pumpkin and I carved my first ever pumpkin for Jack.
Despite the now continuous drizzle, we headed back down to the little fairground rides and let them have another go, before we managed to convince them that it was time to go home.

Despite the bad weather, we had a really enjoyable day out, so thank you Jocelyn and Hatton Country World!