100 posts!! So thank you!!

I cannot believe I am still here, writing my 100th blog post!


I have had an amazingly fun time since I started this blog on April 1st.

My family and I have, I hope, really benefitted from my blogging. We have been busy doing lots of fun activities – making new things, embracing messy play, going out and visiting new places and old favourites, baking, reading and rediscovering our massive library of children’s books. Hopefully, if I asked them now, they would each be able to tell you something fun that we have done in the past few months – something other than eat Mcdonalds, or go to the local park (not that there us anything wrong with that sometimes!).

But, as well as this, I really feel like I have developed as a person and a parent, and I have been learning new skills and new facts every day. I have also met some amazing people – people who have been doing this for years and new bloggers too – but all friendly and helpful no matter their background.

I have embraced twitter – @mummykettle – and have somehow amassed followers. I would never have believed this when I started blogging, so just wow and thank you to all of you for following me.

I have re-started my Instagram account – which I had opened a couple of years ago but never really used. http://instagram.com/mummykettle Again as with twitter I cannot believe the number of you fantastic people who have followed little old me and my photo feed on there. So thank you to all of you too!

I have joined Facebook groups, joined in with many linkys and bloghops – you can see my favourites on this page – taken part in Twitter parties, and conversed with many lovely bloggers.

I have used my Google+ and Pinterest accounts. And thanks to Pinterest I have found ideas, not just for activities to do with my kids, but ideas of things that I can do and make – uncreative old me! – for my children and home.I-Love-Pinterest-Logo

Recently, I have even been lucky enough to have been offered the opportunity to go to the launch of a fantastic new venture for GoApe which Rachel and I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am surprised by all of this and somewhat humbled.

I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my blog, to comment on my posts, to like my Facebook page, to follow my Blog, to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Bloglovin’.

You are all amazing and I probably wouldn’t have made it to 100 posts without all of the amazing support I have received