A quick note on me and why I decided to blog again

I have blogged on and off (probably more off than on) since the birth of my 2nd child in 2011.

The initial blog was more of a diary – you can see it hereA record, if you like, of all the numerous sleepless nights and days spent feeding, whilst also keeping my older child amused.

Luckily for me, Rachel adores babies and her brother was no exception.

I will never forget her face when she walked into the hospital room and saw him for the first time.

And for the first few months she was very patient and understanding of the new addition.

Now Jack is three and even more demanding and Rachel’s patience has worn thin.

Both of them are like little energiser bunnies from dawn til dusk and, particularly since Jack gave up his afternoon naps a couple of months ago, I find entertaining them can be somewhat challenging.

So, in order to preserve my sanity and hopefully to reach out to other, occasionally, despairing parents I started this blog.

My 3 main aims are:

1.to reach out to other parents and gain like-minded followers, who in turn I can follow for inspiration – I may even give in and sign up to twitter even though I haven’t the slightest idea how twitter works!

2. to produce a record for my children for the future of all the things we do together – any time my daughter was asked at school, last year, about why she loves mummy, she always said “because she buys me sweets”!!Mortifying and completely untrue.

and 3. to actually complete my objective of doing and writing about all 101 activities and then hopefully just keep right on going!

the kettles

the kettles