Parenting when ill..

I have a cold.
24 hours ago I felt fine, then steadily my throat got sore, my nose started to run and my head started to ache.
Cue the tissues..


I was hoping to enjoy the last week of my holiday and the last week with Jack before he starts nursery.
Instead, I have spent the day trying to entertain him whilst having a tissue attached to my nose.
But actually it has been ok. He has been mostly very good and I have dosed myself up with Ibuprofen and honey and filled my day drinking hot, sweet drinks.
It has made me think though.
Once you are a parent, you can’t just switch it off. You may be lucky enough to get some help when you are under the weather but you still have to be the parent.
7 years ago, if I had a cold, I could just wrap myself up and snuggle under the duvet until I felt better.
Now not so much.
I was still up at half 6, still had to do the school run, still had to play with the toddler all day.
At least I only have a cold.
How do parents cope when they are really ill??
I have no idea.
My heart goes out to them.
And I only hope, that if any of my parent friends ever needed some help and support, that they would know I would be there to hold them up, to provide help, or even just to listen over a good cup of tea.