Summer Diary

Rachel has some summer homework to do over the school holidays, in preparation for the first topic they will be studying when they go back in September – explorers.
So we decided to make a diary of all our adventures this summer.
Thanks to this blog, we already document lots of what we do, so it is easy to remember what we have been up to!
We finally sat down and started to produce our little book this week.
I made her a front and back cover using good old Picmonkey, and then I designed an insert where she could write about her explorations.


free printableIt includes :- the date, the place, what we did and space at the bottom for a photo or drawing.

If you would like to download this to print your own then you can click on the link below the picture!


Diary Insert Printable

I managed to get a clear plastic cover for it on sale in the University shop, next-door to my work, so we were set to go.

We have had so many great days so far this summer and with 2 weeks still to go, we are now trying to catch up with her diary for the last few weeks.

Some of the things we have written about so far are:

Go Ape – when Mummy and Rachel got to climb and swing in the trees. We made a video of this one!

Giant Bubble Fun – when Mummy, Rachel and Jack made some bubble mixture and blew big, big bubbles


Dudley Zoo – when Mummy and Rachel accompanied Jack and his nursery class on a trip to see the Lions and Tigers and Bears


Cheerleading camp – when Rachel went to the local leisure centre, with her best friend to develop some more cheerleading skills


Here is one of Rachel’s favourite moments from this summer, so far!


And we have so many more to do!

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 August challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Woburn Forest.

The tip that  Steph Tilley, Center Parcs Community Manager gave that inspired our diary is:

– Create a scrapbook by sticking in different mementos of your summer – train tickets, photos and handwritten diary entries always work well, or why not try something a little more unusual? Ask your little ones to decorate your scrap book with hand prints and finger painting, cut out words from old newspapers and magazines or even have a go at creating a digital scrapbook, complete with video clips.

Summer Days