The Generation Gap

I remember (just about) what it was like when I was a child.
I moaned about my parents and hated being dragged around museums, national trust properties and out for long country walks.
Today, as we visited yet another National Trust property, I realised that, ironically, I am now my mother. I am the one dragging my children around these places, in an effort to get them out and about, and interested in the world around them!
I was surprised to realise that some things do not change across the generations.
And yet so many aspects of life have changed since I was a child.

ID-100142562Then – we had a telephone that was fixed to the wall in the hallway – you had to sit on the stairs to talk to anyone and it had a real dialler on it – not buttons

Now – my 6 year old is very adept at sending text messages or walking around anywhere, anytime talking to anyone.

Then – we didn’t have a computer at home and at school there was 1 BBC computer that we were allowed to use very occasionally

Now – my 6 and 3 yr old can play computer games on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones

Then – we had a choice of 4 channels, of which only 2 showed children’s programmes and only after school and on weekend mornings. We mainly watched BBC in our household, as it was more suitable!

Now – my children can watch any number of specific children’s channels at all times of day. They can record movies, direct on to the skybox memory and download box sets to watch.

Then – I am pretty sure that, at 3, I listened to nursery rhymes, and I was at least 10 before I started listening to the radio. We had to record music off the radio – remembering to stop the recording every time the presenter started talking – or buy it on cassettes or even records! (I doubt my children would even know what a record is!)

Now – and I find this very odd – my 3 and 6 year old listen to, and enjoy chart music, and can sing the lyrics perfectly – anything from cheryl to one direction and ella henderson to katy perry. They can listen to these songs on mobiles and download them onto devices.

The World Wide Web and Internet ShoppingID-100215648
Then – the closest thing we had to the internet was teletext and if we needed to find out any information or facts we had to find it in books at the library. If we needed to shop, we had to physically go to the shops.

Now- if we need to find to anything, or buy anything, we search for it on the internet. We can buy food, games, films, holidays etc etc on there and have things delivered to us.


ID-100157077Then – We had pen pals and if we wanted to get a message to someone we had to write to them and put it in an envelope with a stamp and post it to them

Now- We have friends, followers and contacts – we can send messages to people all around the world via text, e-mail Facebook, Twitter and so on and we can even Skype them!

What are the main differences between your childhood life and your childrens’ lives?

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