Warwick SU’s Summer Party

The second part of my busy weekend last week!

Working in a Students Union can be hectic at times and at others – mainly during vacation periods- can be very quiet.

The two busiest times of the year for us are the beginning of the year, the period know as “Freshers”, and the very end of the academic year, when we host numerous large end-of-year events.

There is the Graduation ball, the Sports ball, the Societies awards, and then the main one that I am involved in – the Summer Party.

The Summer Party has run for the last 4 years. It is a one-day mini festival event, for a better way of explaining it.

It is held in a field on the University campus grounds, which for the day is transformed – there is a main stage, a bar tent, a large teepee tent which houses an acoustic stage, fairground rides and inflatables, food trailers and so on.


The work that goes into planning and hosting an event like this is phenomenal. Everyone has their own roles to play, from booking the artists to looking after them on the day, planning the field – the stages, the tents – organising the rides and caterers, making sure there is running water and toilets and so on and so on.
My role is minimal in the run up to the event. I organise bar staff along with my colleagues and handle the money for the bar floats.
My work is mainly on the day, in the field and generally running around.
Along with one of our fabulous supervisors, I organise the bar staff and tills and control the money, whilst our other amazeballs colleagues look after all the stock and throw barrels around!

We start at 9am and finish around midnight, once the guests have all moved on to the after party, the bar is all stripped out and the money is all counted.
We are all old hands at it now so this year everything was pretty easy on the day, and to make it even better the sun shone on us!
There are bands playing throughout the day on the main stage and in the smaller tent who this year were all amazing. And as the day goes on we tend to see the bigger names. This year we were amazingly lucky to secure Foxes and then as the headline act Clean Bandit! When I first heard the name, I hadn’t got a clue who they were – until I heard their song “rather be” – but since then, practically everytime I have listened to the radio, their songs have been playing!
And they didn’t disappoint. In fact they were absolutely phenomenal live as the sun was setting!
Here is a taster :-

Finally there is a DJ – this year Zane Lowe – before we send them on their merry way to the SU building for the afterparty.
It is a long and exhausting day but it is fantastic and I love it. I get to work with some amazing people whilst having a great laugh. Sad to think this may have been the last one.