Dogger by Shirley Hughes

An old favourite this week for our children’s book review!
wpid-wp-1405925619473.jpegI expect there are many parents that remember this book from their childhood.
Recently I found a copy at our local supermarket and just had to buy a copy to share with my children.
I was surprised, when I first read it to my 6 year old, how bad my memory actually is.
I recognised some of the pictures but could barely remember the story.

But each time I have read it, it has become more and more familiar.
It is a very sweet and poignant tale about a boy Dave, who loses his favourite toy, a dog with one ear that points up and one that flops down.
He finds his beloved Dogger again at the school Summer fair, only to be disappointed when someone else buys him. Luckily his big sister shows great kindness and gets Dogger back.wpid-20140721_075155.jpg
The tale teaches us about loss and about sibling love. And it has a happy ending.
What isn’t there to love about it?

The most poignant thing for me is how much the children remind me of my own! Rachel, 6, never had one favourite toy, she loved them all and was never concerned if one was missing. Jack, 3, is a lot like Dave. Jack has 2 favourite toys that he cannot be without. They are dummy bunnies – so called as the velcro arms and legs were designed to hold his dummies so he would be less likely to lose them. The dummies are long gone, but the “nummynees”, in all their tattered glory are still his go to, his comfort blanket.wpid-wp-1405925602006.jpeg
Does your child have a “Dogger”? Have they ever lost it? What did you do?



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