Five Minutes to Bed! By Richard Dungworth and Sharon Harmer

This is a new book that Grandma bought for Jack!


It is a lovely rhyming tale of some young pirates who claim to not be tired and ask the captain for 5 more minutes please, then 4, then 3 and so on.
It is a lovely story full of pirate speak so my pirate obsessed 3 year old loved it.
It begins as the sun is setting and finishes in the middle of the night when they are all tucked up in bed.
And the fantastic illustrations match the storyline as the day turns to night.
I think its a fantastic little story on many levels.
There is the reinforcing of numbers as they countdown from 5 – 1.
There is the countdown to bedtime. And the final line signals the end of story time and lights out (for us anyway)
“Its bedtime, too, for you!”

There is diversity – a girl, a cat, a parrot, a boy with a beard and an ethnic child make up the band of rough tough pirates.
There is also the introduction of chores and little tasks too.
What is not to like?
Jack loves the pirates and the illustrations and the rhyming.
All in all a thumbs up from us!

All opinions when reviewing books are our own.
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