Learn with Play – the KBN ebook

Over the last few months, a huge number of bloggers, who are all part of the Kid Blogger Network, have been working hard, producing a fantastic book full of 150+ activities for children of all ages.

As a member of the KBN, I was really keen to get involved in this.kbn300

In total, I think, 94 bloggers contributed to the project

and the lovely Nicolette from Powerful Mothering worked tirelessly hard, pulling it all together.

So I am super-excited to share with you that the book – Learn with Play – is finally ready and we want to share it with all of you, our fabulous readers!LEARN WITH PLAY

Contained in the book are some phenomenal ideas.

There are sections devoted to sensory play, early literacy, arts and crafts, organisation, life skills, seasonal activities, science projects and so, so much more.


My article is in the early literacy section – a post based on our helping Rachel to write stories post that we shared on here last year.

The book is available as an ebook for $14.95.

It is also available on Kindle from Amazon.

Or if you prefer to have a physical book in your hand, then you can also get it as a print version in paperback for $29.95.

For any of you lovely people who want to buy it now and up until the 14th July – a great time before the school holidays kick in! – there is a special INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT OFFER OF $5 off the full price.
This offer is only available on the ebook version knocking the price down to $9.95 which is around £6.85 in GBP!

If you are looking for a great book full of ideas of activities you can do with your children, then you really should look no further. I have my own copy and I would highly recommend it!

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