Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

wpid-2014-08-04-08.05.28.jpg.jpegHave you ever found a soulmate?

Lost and Found is a sweet tale of a boy and a penguin who discover a great friendship.

When the penguin arrives on the small boys doorstep, he thinks that he is lost and sets about “finding” him.

It turns out that he isn’t lost, just lonely and looking for a friend.

wpid-wp-1407135979010.jpegWe discovered this story, first, when we saw the short film of the book on tv.

Then when we discovered the book in the shops we had to buy it.

I have recently started reading it to my 3 year old and after only a couple of reads, he has grasped the idea of the story and happily told me the other night, how the little penguin just wanted a friend and wasn’t lost at all.

A short and sweet tale, with a good short film adaptation.

I love the illustrations, they are nice and bright and vivid and the boy and penguin are very distinctive looking.

We would recommend it to little ones.

*All opinions when reviewing books are our completely our own.

If you would like to get your hands on Lost and Found, then you can buy it here

Lost and Found

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