Mine by Rachel Bright


“Mine” is another Rachel Bright book that we absolutely love.
Having two children, who constantly fight over everything, Mine is a great book to teach them about the importance of sharing, which is such an important lesson. It is all too easy to give your kids everything – I should know!- but they have to understand that everything must be shared with friends and siblings.
In this book, the twins, Fifi and Frankie love totally different things, well except for their one shared love – Funny Bunny.
Unfortunately for Funny Bunny this creates lots of fighting and snatching and the poor chap loses his ears…Uh Oh…

Grandma Flo explains to the twins how they must share and so the girls sit down together and work out a great timetable.

I love that this story explains to children that not only is sharing important, but it also teaches them how you can work out the best way to share by working together and not fighting.
When my two are at each others throats I often remind them of Funny Bunny!

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