Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

wpid-20140608_194715.jpgThe Bear family are tired.
So naturally, what do they do? They go to bed.

Daddy Bear cannot sleep because Mummy Bear is snoring, so he tries to sleep somewhere else.

We love this little tale of Daddy Bear, as he struggles to find somewhere peaceful to sleep.

Everywhere is too noisy. My 3 year old loves to join in with this story, making all the noises – the hmmmmmmm of the fridge, the miaows of the cats, the nyaaows of Baby Bears aeroplanes.

As a parent, there are days where you just don’t get to have enough sleep.

This tale helps in explaining to children that sometimes parents are tired because they do not get enough sleep and that this is rather sad. As we are trying to encourage our little one to stay in his bed, I am using this to explain why I need him to stay in his bed.

Poor Daddy Bear finally gets comfy, just in time for the alarm to go off.


I think all of us parents can identify with this!

A great read!

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Peace At Last