The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward

wpid-wp-1402396974983.jpgThe Bog Baby is a really sweet tale of two little girls who sneak off into the woods and find themselves a Bog Baby.


wpid-20140608_194911.jpgThe Bog Baby is a small blue, jelly-like creature, with tiny wings.

The girls take it home with them and they love it very much. But the Bog Baby gets ill and when they tell their mum everything she makes them take the bog baby back into the woods.

The illustrations are bright and expressive. You can really imagine being in the bluebells in the woods and finding the pond.

The story is well written and I love that it tries to explain to children about the big L word and how love can sometimes be hard. Just because you love something doesn’t mean you can keep it.


We love the back page of the book. There is a “notes about your Bog Baby” page, where you can write all about your bog baby, where you found him, his favourite food etc to get those little imaginations working a bit harder.


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The Bog Baby