Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Cards

We have had oodles of fun this afternoon being very Christmassy. We have done a number of Christmas crafty activities, as well as putting up Rachels Christmas tree, one of which was making Christmas cards. I had bought a pack of red, green and white Christmas card blanks from Baker Ross so we used these […]

12 Fab Christmas Tree Crafts from Pinterest

There are so many lovely Christmas tree crafts out there that I wanted to compile a list of some of the ones that we will be giving a go this year! 1. These potato print cards are so cute! 2. How about making your own advent calendar? 3. These marbled trees look fantastic!

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

For the past week or so, I have been furiously sewing away, making christmas tree decorations. My hope is to do a car boot sale and sell some of them – I think they are pretty cute myself and reckon other people might like them too! So here is how to do it. What you […]

Make your own Xmas Wrapping Paper

Who needs to go out and buy expensive wrapping paper, when you make your own really cute designs with the kids at home? Firstly we cut some sheets of brown paper from a large roll. Then we prepared our different paints and sponge stamps. Then I let the kids go (semi) wild stamping the sheets. […]

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