Arts and Crafts

Loads of ideas of craft activities to keep the little ones entertained

Mosaic Paper Plate

We were looking for an easy activity that would work for both children (4 and nearly 7) and settled on this activity – making a mosaic paper plate. We always have paper plates in the craft drawers and we had some foam square stickers from craft packs we have had /used in the past. So […]

Wool and Button Easter Egg Picture

For the first time this year, my 4 yr old also got to take part in the schools “design an easter egg’ competition. As his attention span is very short, and his colouring skills are not great, we decided to go for a cutting and sticking activity. So we made this wool and button egg […]

Beer Bottle Cap Coasters

Working in a pub, I have access to no end of beer bottle caps, so this week, we decided to recycle some and make some little drinks coasters. Materials: Air-drying clay Paint Bottle Tops Varnish/Mod How we did it: First of a, get a lump of clay and knead it until it is soft enough […]

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