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Loads of ideas of craft activities to keep the little ones entertained

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons

 Last week, we went to an open morning event at Jack’s nursery. It was a chance for us to see what he has been doing over the last few months, and where he spends his time every morning. Whilst there, we also sat down and made a paper plate hot air balloon together, with tissue […]

Make your own playdough sunshine picture!

Searching for some sunshine over the wintery months? Then make your own, with playdough! My four year old adores playing with dough, but he is terrible at putting it away properly so we always find dried out lumps of playdough around the house. So we regularly, nowadays, make our own! Today we decided to try […]

Mothers Day Gifts : Framed Button Art

Looking for more gift ideas for Mothers Day? Why not make a lovely, unique piece of framed art, finished with buttons? We have made lots of pictures using buttons and have plenty of them around and this seemed like a great way to use them. Materials: Paper Printer Glue dots Buttons Firstly we designed a […]

paper plate sheep

Paper Plate Sheep!

After Rachel and Jack got the opportunity to see a lamb being born at the farm, we decided to welcome in the spring by making some paper plate sheep! These are really simple to make and even my two couldn’t go wrong! First of all we got all our bits and pieces together. Materials: Paper […]

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