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The joys of parenting – the baby days…

Recently I read some fantastic posts on the truths of parenting. Some of the things they don’t warn you about, things that you don’t know before having children. Sugar Rushed: The Big Myths of Parenthood Simplify.Create.Inspire -kids make us crazy but it’s ok They have inspired me to write my own, honest post and I […]

UK Cheerleading Association National Schools Competition

The last week has been somewhat hectic for us. We are finally almost back to normal so I thought I would write about the two major events that happened last weekend. So here is the first. On Saturday 21st June we went to cheer on our 6 year old daughters cheerleading group – the Mount […]

Twice the fun or double trouble? A letter to my bestest and very pregnant friend!

My bestest friend is almost due with her second. She is in a permanent state of fear – What if I don’t love this one as much? What if it upsets the balance we have now in our life? How will I cope with two? And this has got me thinking a lot, and reminiscing […]

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