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Why you should make your preschooler a weekly planner

Ever get tired of that endless reel of questions that your preschooler fires in your direction every morning? Where am I going this morning? Who is picking me up? Who is putting me to bed? Invariably followed by a tantrum, no matter what the response is.     That is life in our household to […]

I DO love my kids (mostly!)

They drive me mad but I love my kids… And that is ok. It’s the age -old enigma of parenthood. My children are adorable at times and horrible little monsters at others. They argue and fight, until I lose my rag and raise my voice, and then, at that point where I have completely lost […]

How to Transfer a Photo onto Wood to Make a Door Plaque

I had been wanting to try out the transferring of photos onto a  block of wood for a while ,and finally got around to giving it a go whilst making this unique personalised door hanger. Materials: Photo Block of wood/plywood Matte Gel Medium Varnish/Mod Podge  Scrabble Tiles Strong glue How to: 1. Transfer photo onto wood Firstly […]

Kids jokes- is my 4 yr old a comedian in the making?

Recently my 4 year old  seems to have decided to become a comedian and has started telling kids jokes! These are jokes that are somehow hilarious in the mind of a four year old, slightly more dubious to an adult, but funny to  observe anyway! His sister did a very similar things when she was his age. […]

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