growing with children

You will never stop worrying….

When you become a parent there are certain things you prepare yourself for – sleepless nights, nappy changing, weaning. But you think that when they get to a certain stage that all goes away. Well, yes, some of it does. We are way past the nappy stage, but this week I have been reminded that […]

I DO love my kids (mostly!)

They drive me mad but I love my kids… And that is ok. It’s the age -old enigma of parenthood. My children are adorable at times and horrible little monsters at others. They argue and fight, until I lose my rag and raise my voice, and then, at that point where I have completely lost […]

Kids jokes- is my 4 yr old a comedian in the making?

Recently my 4 year old  seems to have decided to become a comedian and has started telling kids jokes! These are jokes that are somehow hilarious in the mind of a four year old, slightly more dubious to an adult, but funny to  observe anyway! His sister did a very similar things when she was his age. […]

Pick Your Own Fruit with Kids!

After having seen so many of my Facebook friends and fellow bloggers enjoying doing this activity with their families, I had been desperate to go and do this. Especially as my two love strawberries and raspberries. Unfortunately, as we have been so busy with other things lately we haven’t had the chance to get anywhere […]

Planting seeds

My kids love to be busy. Indoors, outdoors, at home and away. They like to have a purpose. But they have short attention spans. Planting seeds is a great, simple activity that does not take a lot of concentration so is perfect for my pair. Today we have been planting different seeds, using 3 different […]

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