What can you cook?

Granny’s Cookies

At the moment we are experimenting a lot with cookie recipes to try and work out my granny’s recipe. So today we have been baking chocolate chip cookies. For my sweet-toothed little munchkins this is a great activity. Although it doesn’t happen fast enough as they literally cannot wait to eat the fruits to their […]

Gingerbread men- well teddies!

  The best thing about baking is that your kids and hopefully you too get to eat their products once they are finished! Today we made gingerbread biscuits. I happened to have at some time or other acquired a numerous cookie cutters which proved very useful!     This is the recipe we used. INGREDIENTS 350g […]

cheesy biscuits

We have a really quick and easy cooking activity today. My little boy is obsessed with cheese, and I mean completely obsessed with cheese – he would live just on cheese if he could!- so I decided to make these with him. I found a brilliant, and really simple recipe whilst searching for inspiration on […]


Easter activities

So it is Easter. To reflect this and to entertain the children throughout the school holidays, amongst other things, we have been doing some easter themed crafts and activities. We have made easter bonnets, easter cards, easter masks and even incorporated some shredded wheat chocolate nests. Easter Masks The masks are from a multipack I […]

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