What can you cook?

Banana and Chocolate Spread Cookies

So it seems that almost all of the recipes we make, either have Banana, Chocolate or both in them, and this one is no exception! I really fancied making some Banana cookies so I browsed the web and found some great ideas for Banana and Peanut Butter cookies. Sounds yummy right? But sadly, we had […]

chocolate stars cake

Chocolate Stars Cake

To celebrate both kids having been nominated as stars of the week in their respective classes at school, we whipped up this simple shimmery chocolate cake, decorated with chocolate stars and kit-kats! Chocolate Stars Cake Ingredients: Chocolate cake 150g sugar 150g butter 120g self raising flour 30g cocoa powder 2 eggs 1tsp baking powder Toppings […]

fruit skewers

Easy Fruit Skewers

My kids love their fruit. So they loved today’s invitation to make your own fruit skewers! Admittedly I added marshmallows to the selection as a bit of a treat but in all honesty, they chose more fruit than marshmallows. How to: Chop some banana, grapes and strawberries. Get some of the big marshmallows. Lay them […]

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