What can you cook?

Sicilian Lemon Cake

Citrus flavoured cakes are a big hit in our household. Everyone loves a good lemon drizzle or a lovely moist Sicilian orange cake! So we combined the two, making a Sicilian Lemon Cake – using this great Sicilian Orange Cake recipe. by the Kitchen Guardian. Ingredients 125g butter 125g sugar 2 eggs 125g flour 50ml […]

Quick and Easy Smoked Salmon Quiche

I love quiches, but we rarely have them at home – I have no idea why! I expect it probably has something to do with the kids liking them one day and then not the next.. It is even more rare that I have the time (or energy) to bake them myself. Pastry can be time consuming […]

Choc Chip Flapjack Recipe

Last week, Rachel was sick so after getting Jack home from nursery we were pretty much housebound. Jack and I decided we should whip up a small batch of flapjack as a quick treat. For once we actually had some golden syrup in the cupboard so we were all set! So here is our choc […]

Non-alcoholic Pimms-like drink for kids

Do you, like me, enjoy a little tipple of Pimms when the sun comes out? Whilst the sun was shining this weekend, I decided I fancied a nice, refreshing pimms and lemonade with fruit, so I popped over to the shop to get the ingredients. Then it struck me that I ought to make something […]

Easy Yoghurt Ice Pops

As soon as the sun comes out my children demand ice cream or lollies. Where possible we try to make them ourselves as the shops tend to make them so over-priced. This week we made some really easy greek yoghurt and chocolate lollipops. Ingredients: Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Sauce How to: Put a spoon of yoghurt […]

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