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double chocolate cookie

Easter Double Chocolate Cookie Recipe!

 Another week, another 101things chocolate cookie recipe we want to share with you! We do love our cookies, and every time we make them, we play about with the recipe a bit to try something new and different. I blame my Granny for my cookie obsession – it is a miracle I am not the size of […]

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

This week was half term so we needed a couple of fun activities to keep the kids entertained whilst they were at home. So guess what?! We did some more baking! This time we baked some Apple and Cinnamon Muffins. We used the same recipe we used here but tweaked it with a couple of […]

Yummy, Crumbly White Chocolate Chip Cookies

  My little man is fascinated with baking at the moment! We love baking cookies, although hate waiting for them to cool down enough to eat! This week, we baked white chocolate chip cookies! These white choc cookies are lovely and crumbly. Just how Granny used to make them!

Disney Frozen Inspired Banana Milkshake Recipe

After seeing this lovely idea for “Frozen” hot chocolate, we decided to have a go at making our own Disney Frozen inspired drinks recipe – but a cold equivalent, as my two are just not that bothered about hot drinks – although we will definitely be giving the hot choc’s a try during the current cold […]

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