What can you cook?

Leftover Selection Pack Rocky Road

If your house is anything like ours, then after Christmas, you are left with a mountain of chocolate and sweet treats. We decided, after munching our way through ridiculous amounts, to use some of it up by making some delicious sweet treats. So here is our recipe for leftover rocky road. Ingredients: 200g dairy milk chocolate […]

Double Chocolate Digestive Truffles

So while browsing Facebook this morning I came across a recipe from the Somewhat Simple website for Oreo chocolate truffles. As a massive fan of chocolates, particularly truffly ones(!), I decided to give it a go with my son this afternoon. We substituted the oreos for some amazing looking double chocolate digestives that we saw in the […]

Pumpkin Cookie Pizzas

Before all of our Halloween Pumpkins went mouldy, we rescued some of the flesh and made some pumpkin puree! Did you know pumpkin puree can be used in numerous different recipes and ways? As we are slight chocolate fans, we used it to make this lovely cookie recipe from InsideBruCrewLife.

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