What can you cook?

Angel Delight Cheesecake

I was so excited to receive my sachets of new *Bubblegum* flavoured Angel Delight, and couldn’t wait to give it a try! I mean Angel Delight for me, conjures up memories of childhood, whisking up a quick and yummy dessert with my mum. And the sugar-free butterscotch Angel Delight were a godsend for me during […]

Making pizzas with kids

I love to buy cheap and cheerful pizzas and then spruce them up by adding loads of different toppings. Yet, it was only last week that I realised this would be a great way to get the kids involved in helping to make their own dinners, having fun in the kitchen. So whilst Jack was at nursery one […]

Autumn Leaf Shortbread

Jack and I have been baking shortbread this week and it gave us an opportunity to use our new Sweetly Does It Cookie Cutter Set – Autumn Patterned in Assorted Colours We have baked shortbread many times before, but this time we decided to try the Paul Hollywood recipe.

Raspberry Lemonade

We made some lovely, refreshing raspberry lemonade today! I had seen the post from Happy Hooligans on making lemonade and I thought it looked delicious. As one of the things I wanted to do with the children this summer was make Lemonade we decided to follow their recipe but make some changes of our own.

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