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How to Feed Your Children a Healthy Diet

Guest Post – by Orlena Kerek from Snotty Noses How to Feed your Children a Healthy Diet. Do you ever worry about your childโ€™s diet? You try really hard to get them to eat healthy food, fruit, vegetables, carrots, broccoli, peas? But what happens? They shout, they scream, they refuse.

Lunchtime ideas

Lunchtimes are a bit all over the place for us. Rachel has school dinners during the week at the moment, Jack has packed lunches with the child minder on a number of days and hubby and I are often at work. So to help us in planning ahead and making sure we have suitable ingredients […]

Weekly Family Dinner Menu – week 4

So here is the final installment in my month of family meal planners. We have found it really useful to be organised and I hope they are useful for other busy families too. I have tried to make the menu’s accessible to busy people, so they do not involve masses of preparation, as I know […]

Weekly Family Dinner Menu – week 3

So two weeks have passed and we are doing well so far! As well as being organised and planning ahead, well in advance, we are also doing a bit more shopping around to try and get some better deals and save money on our shopping bills. Being organised means that we can do this easily […]

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