Messy/sensory play

What to do with Water Beads – a Round-up

A while ago, we purchased a sheet of water beads in all different colours. We had seen plenty of other bloggers using them and wanted to find out what we could do with them. Initially we had no idea what to do with these tiny balls, but we have had great fun learning! The first […]

Cloud Dough – with just 2 ingredients

Last week, Jack and I made some cloud dough, otherwise known as moon dough or moon sand. It is basically a granulated mixture that you can mould but easily crumbles again. It is very reminiscent of sand in texture and is really easy to make. The ingredients are simply flour, and oil – a recipe […]

Messy Play with shaving foam

SHAVING FOAM In the spirit of letting the kids get messy we have been up to some more messy play using Daddy’s shaving foam! We filled the Rachel’s dolls bath with it. Then I hid some of their bath toys in their and let Jack dive in and have fun, searching for the toys, washing […]

water beads

Water beads – dinosaur food

One morning before the school summer holidays, when it was just Jack and I, and I was ridiculously tired from work the night before, I decided we should do a quick and easy activity to keep him entertained, without too much work from me. We had bought some water beads, having seen other people using […]

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