Chocolate Chip Scones

Our visit to Baddesley Clinton and the ymmy scone there, inspired me to make scones with Jack on Tuesday while we were waiting for the electrician to finish his work so we could go out. I found a lovely recipe on the bbcgoodfood website for Sugared Scones. We used this recipe and then added in […]

Mummy Blogging – Fake or Fact?

So we have all seen the story splashed across the media recently of the mommy blogger who quit it all because the “fake”ness was ruining her life. She razed her TheAmericanMama blog because it was all too much. So is it all fake and how much is fact? There are thousands of mummy bloggers active […]

Kids jokes- is my 4 yr old a comedian in the making?

Recently my 4 year old  seems to have decided to become a comedian and has started telling kids jokes! These are jokes that are somehow hilarious in the mind of a four year old, slightly more dubious to an adult, but funny to  observe anyway! His sister did a very similar things when she was his age. […]

How to live with a threenager

We were very lucky and escaped the terrible twos. However the threenager stage has hit us hard in our household! Almost overnight, my gorgeous little boy turned into a little demon. He still has moments where he is my gorgeous boy but mostly his behaviour is totally ghastly. So here is how to live with a […]

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