The Great Outdoors

Easter Egg Hunt Time!

Today was a great day for an Easter egg hunt and with a fabulously big garden to hide the eggs in, our holiday home was the perfect location for it! Uncle Adam took the children across the road to the park, while the other adults hid the eggs and I got on with lunch prep. […]

Half-term Family Fun at Packwood House

Towards the end of the half-term holidays, we finally enjoyed a day of fair weather and a family trip to Packwood House. It is not the first time we have visited Packwood House – it is our most local National Trust property so we were there last summer, not long after we bought our membership. […]

Play and Fun in Allesley Park, Coventry

I love discovering new places to play in our local area, and last week we took our first trip to Allesley Park. It is only a few minutes drive from our house, yet we have never been there before. Jack took his new bike (birthday present!) to test it out. It took us a while […]

Winter walk

Last weekend we managed to finally get out into the Great Outdoors and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon winter walk in the sun. We headed over to Kenilworth and made our way to Abbey Fields. Abbey Fields has a lovely playground for the children to run around in as well as a beautiful lake to walk around. […]

A chilly afternoon in the Park

Well, after being cooped up inside for days, this afternoon, (Uncle Andrews birthday), as the sun was shining we wrapped everyone up and headed to the War Memorial Park. Well, everyone except Daddy who wanted to stay and watch the football in peace! It was lovely out and although it was chilly, it was lovely […]

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