The Great Outdoors

Giant Bubbles – the return!

One afternoon this week, Jack was demanding to go outside and play. So despite the fact that it was freezing out there, we got wrapped up and went out into the back garden. While Jack investigated all the toys – and emptied the rain water and leaves out of them! – I started to tidy […]

Kenilworth Fireworks Display

On Saturday evening we headed to Kenilworth for the annual round table fireworks display at Kenilworth Castle. Rachel had been at a party in the afternoon, so the minute she walked in we rushed to get her changed and ready to stand in a field!! The display is held in a field in the grounds […]

Hatton Country World Pumpkin Week

We were lucky enough to win tickets Hatton Country World’s Pumpkin Week event, thanks to the lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence. So when I had an unexpected day off midweek, we decided to make the most of it and head over there for some fun! We arrived at around 11am and headed straight into […]

War Memorial Park

There is nothing better than a brisk walk in the park in the Autumn to blow away the cobwebs! We have a great local park in Coventry, where the children can have fun, riding their bikes, playing in the playground or just running around! Rachel has been learning about remembrance day at school and was […]

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