The Great Outdoors

Pick Your Own Fruit with Kids!

After having seen so many of my Facebook friends and fellow bloggers enjoying doing this activity with their families, I had been desperate to go and do this. Especially as my two love strawberries and raspberries. Unfortunately, as we have been so busy with other things lately we haven’t had the chance to get anywhere […]

Go Ape Junior and The Gruffalo Trail

Wow, wow, wow!!!! What a day!!! Rachel and I were lucky enough to receive tickets to visit the new GoApe Treetop Junior course in the Wyre Forest. It was quite a trek for us, but we stopped off on the way for lunch with the in-laws, half way there.

Bubble fun in the sun

Bubbles are popular with kids (and grown-ups!) of all ages! They love to blow them, chase them, catch them, watch them and so on. They are one of those addictive things – along with watching waves at the beach or sunsets! Yesterday we finally got around to testing out one of the bubble recipes from […]

Dudley Zoo

Yesterday we enjoyed another lovely day out in the sunshine. For the first Monday of the school holidays, Rachel joined Jack and I on his nursery trip to Dudley Zoo. Following a dodgy weekend weather-wise, we were pleasantly surprised that the forecast was sun, sun, sun. I didn’t quite believe it, as we have been […]

Planting seeds

My kids love to be busy. Indoors, outdoors, at home and away. They like to have a purpose. But they have short attention spans. Planting seeds is a great, simple activity that does not take a lot of concentration so is perfect for my pair. Today we have been planting different seeds, using 3 different […]

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