Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

Have your kids already sent a letter off to Santa?

My 6 year old and 3 year old wrote their lists for Santa a fair while ago!

So, based on their lists and a good scour of amazon, here are the top 10 gifts we have on our wish list:

1.Character Toys

Every child has a favourite tv, movie, or book character.

This year, Jack is obsessed with super heroes and marvel figures.

Here are some things that he would love:
Playskool Marvel Super Hero Figure Spider-Man and Goblin (Pack of 2, Green)
Spider Man Hero FX Glove
untitled (8)
Spiderman Web Racing Funhouse
Rachel, at 6, is still keen on Frozen and one of her top items is this Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

2.Kids Craft Sets

We have bought some fantastic craft packs this year from amazon.

They are great, for the non-crafty parents out there to have all the bits to hand for an afternoon (or morning) of crafty fun!

3. Books

You can never have enough books can you? We love to read and have an extensive library at home.

Some of our favourites can be bought here from Amazon:

Amazon Children’s Books Store

Great series, like Sir Scallywag and the Skullabones books really appeal to toddlers.


4.Kids Games
For hours of family fun, why not buy them some family games? Buckaroo and Pop-up Pirate are still popular with the kids and sadly there are new ones now that, for some reason, seem to really appeal to toddlers/young children….. I mean how many of you, that have small children, have not been asked for these two??

A long time traditional Christmas present for children, both mine could use a new bike, as they are getting too big for their current ones.
For Jack we are considering a balance bike like this..

6 .PlayDoh
Having a 3 year old, no list could really be complete without Playdough! He is obsessed, still…

He really, really wants the Play Doh dentist this year!


7. Dressing Up Costumes
My children love dressing up and playing in costume.

Jack is a typical boy and loves his Spiderman outfit and Rachel is a real girl and loves her Princess/Fairy dresses.

8. Kindle Fire HDX
If you really want to push the boat out and spend a bit more, then how about getting them their own tablet.
If like me your Ipad has been commandeered by the kids, this could be your chance to get it back, all to yourself!

9.Children’s Stationary
Rachel asked Santa for a notepad. So here you can choose from loads of different stationary sets.
Pens and notepads galore!

10.Stocking Fillers Under £10
Amazon have some great ideas for stocking fillers for under £10.
Jack would adore this marble run:
And Rachel would love this nail and tattoo kit:


* this post contains affiliate links. if you purchase anything from amazon, via these links, we receive commission 🙂

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