Handmade Tile Coasters

Well the title may be a tad misleading! I mean, we didn’t handmake the tiles! But this is part of my homemade Christmas.

These were really easy to make – family, stop reading this right now as you are probably going to get some of these as a pressie!!

What you need:
pack of small square tiles
cork pads
mod podge
decopatch papers

We chose some red tiles to give a real Christmassy feel to our coasters – only £12.99 for a pack of 25 – making 6 packs of 4 -from Homebase.
I also got the cork pads from Homebase – a pack of 32 but many were large enough to cut into 4.
I stuck the cork pads one in each corner to protect both tables/worktops and the other tiles.
The decopatch papers came from Hobbycraft in a lovely Christmassy pattern.
I cut out squares and stars from the paper – 1 paper did 16 tiles.
Using the mod podge, I painted the back of the paper and then placed it onto the centre of the tile. Using the paintbrush, I smoothed out the papers to try and get most of the bubbles out from under it.

Leave these to dry for 24 hours and them finish with varnish to seal it and make them more waterproof.
Stack them up and tie together with ribbon.

Lovely 🙂
Merry Christmas!!