Make your own Xmas Wrapping Paper

Who needs to go out and buy expensive wrapping paper, when you make your own really cute designs with the kids at home?


Firstly we cut some sheets of brown paper from a large roll.
Then we prepared our different paints and sponge stamps.
Then I let the kids go (semi) wild stamping the sheets.


We had different sponges – Santa, Bell, Angel, Christmas Tree and Snowman.
This time we made 1 sheet of each and 1 mixed pattern.

After this, whilst they were drying, we made some gift tags using the brown paper as well.
Firstly I cut a long strip of paper then cut this into tag shapes.
I used a christmas tree punch to punch some holes in the bottom of each tag.
Then Rachel and I decorated them with glitter glue (a lot less messy than glitter and glue separately ;-)).
Now I just need to get the presents to wrap!