Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Cards

We have had oodles of fun this afternoon being very Christmassy.
We have done a number of Christmas crafty activities, as well as putting up Rachels Christmas tree, one of which was making Christmas cards.
I had bought a pack of red, green and white Christmas card blanks from Baker Ross so we used these to make our Snowmen Christmas cards.

They are really simple to make but I have to admit that I pinched the idea from good old pinterest!
Firstly we used white paint to make our snowmen’s bodies and heads.
3 fingerprints, one on top of the other.
Then we left them to dry.


Once dry, we used a black pen to draw on the snowmans buttons, eyes and hat.
Then we used an orange pen to make the carrot nose.


Finally a simple Merry Christmas handwritten on, and we are ready to go!

Cute little snowmen 🙂