Down on the Farm

Here in the Midlands we are very lucky to be surrounded by loads of different farm parks. Some are more expensive than others, but here are a few of our favourites.

1. Umberslade farm park Umberslade has been a regular haunt for us and for a year we had annual passes – which are great value compared to some of the more expensive options around us. There are plenty of activities at Umberslade and it is open all year round. Generally they have a seas onal timetable of activities which varies throughout the year dependant on what is happening at the farm, i.e feeding baby lambs in spring/summer, easter egg hunt, xmas treasure hunt.wpid-blogger-image-1261631774.jpg They have a toddler playground and a playground suitable for the slightly older children. There is also an indoor play barn with a “splat cannon game”, and now a brand new additional soft play area. And last year they had added a large indoor sandpit to the Goat barn. They obviously care well for their animals and they are brilliant with the kids. Some of their many activities include: pony rides, pony care talk, calf feeding, lamb feeding, handling small animals, tractor ride. There is a small, excellent cafe, which is simply not big enough for the numbers of people that go there. But there are no other negatives about this place. We love it. Oh and they also own a woodland activity centre not too far away from the farm park –Umberslade Adventure – which we have yet to visit but looks excellent fun as well.

2. Hatton Country world This is the Rolls Royce of farm parks in the Warwickshire area. It is expensive compared to some of the smaller and cheaper options – but it is brilliantly set up for kids with lots of activities and lots of outdoor space. There is also a small shopping village just outside the main farm park. They run a whole host of all-year-round activities like small animal holding and animal feeding and then there are seasonal activities as well such as the maize maze. They have play areas, indoor and outdoor, for all different ages including trampolines, sand play, swings etc. Absolutely fabulous place – but you have to pay for what you get.

3. Ash End house farm   wpid-image_94c8fa23-0575-45c4-b6b7-73c2cfb5d80f.jpgA little bit further away from us but again this is an excellent farm park – set up for the kids with loads of animals, activities, an indoor play-barn and restaurant. I believe you have to pay separately for the soft play barn.wpid-image_7fb6d4af-b82c-4722-bbf0-0e2c6c09a9ff.jpg A USP of Ash End is their shire horses. None of the other farm parks we have visited have had these large working horses. Even the foal we saw was enormous!        




4.The stables farm shop and restaurant Recently discovered by my in-laws, we went to their restaurant for lunch to celebrate said in-laws wedding anniversary. The restaurant is small and busy but the food was worth waiting for and I love a good farm shop – again small but a great selection of british foods (mainly sourced locally) and fantastic vegetables. The farm park itself I would say is a fairly recent addition and only very minimal compared to other local competitors but I guess, like my blog its a work in progress, and it’s a very reasonably priced option to reflect this. I am convinced that the young chap that runs it came from Umberslade. They have an activity programme including tractor ride – see video below- animal holding, feeding animals.