Shopping for school shoes

With Jack starting nursery in a couple of weeks, we have been starting to get school uniforms together. And as we are away soon, we wanted to get both kids new school shoes before we ran out of time.
So today we headed to Solihull to get their feet measured at Clarks.
Clarks have a fab campaign going at the moment for children buying their first pair of school shoes.
In conjunction with Ladybird they are giving away a free “starting school” memory book.

It is a lovely keepsake to remember those first days at school where you can put in photos, write about it and draw pictures.
Rachel being that bit older didn’t get one but Jack did!
As it always is at this time of the year, Clarks was very busy and we had to wait quite a while to be served but when it was our turn, the lady serving us was great. They now measure feet using ipads! Crazy for us, but a fantastic, fun idea for the kids.

They each got to choose who would measure their feet, Daisy or Jack. Then they stepped on the machine, the ipad was inserted and the measuring began.
Both kids loved this.
Then they got to try on shoes.

As both mine have very narrow feet, the choices were quite limited, but £72 later we had 2 pairs of shoes and a book which will hopefully last us the year.
After shoe shopping we decided to make a day of it.
So we headed to a new burger restaurant that hubby really wanted to try – via the “beach” they had set up by the library in Solihull. Aptly labelled the Costa del Solihull, I imagine it was really busy earlier in the summer when it was really hot. The sun was shining for us though and the kids had great fun building sandcastles with the buckets and spades they provide.

Then we headed to Five Guys birger restaurant.
It is an amazing place that I would highly recommend! It basically serves burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches pretty much however you want them and I cannot tell you how many different drinks they serve. Every possible flavour of all fizzy drinks. Who knew you could get grape sprite? All refillable as well.
It is expensive though but worth it for a one-off. Almost £30 for the four of us.

After that, hubby took the kids back to the beach for a bit while I did some shopping.
Then we set off home, stopping off at the park on the way back to have some fun in the playground and see the ducks.

Shoe shopping done and we made it into a whole day out too!