The British Summertime Festival – BST – Hyde Park Sunday 13th July 2014

So we have ticked off the first item from our Summer Bucket List!

For a while during the week running up to it I thought we may get to tick off a few more like dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles but the weather finally decided to be hot, hot, hot!

So on Sunday 13th we headed to London to go to the British Summertime festival – Family day – in Hyde Park.

I have never been to a festival, let alone with kids and this summer we are going to two!

This was our first.

We knew that, as we had to travel to London and back, and that as the next day was a school day so we couldn’t get back too late, we would probably miss half of the fun, but we threw caution to the wind and decided we would do it anyway!

wpid-wp-1405281735023.jpegWe set off on the train from Warwick Parkway just after 10am. The kids were great on the train. I had just taught Rachel how to make the dreaded Loom bands using 2 pencils so she happily sat and loomed away!

Jack was a bit more restless but was a lot better once we managed to grab a table seat at Bicester!

We arrived at Marylebone and jumped on the tube to Oxford Circus and then on to Marble Arch.

From there we walked over to the festival entrance, and as it was still early and the doors weren’t yet open we settled down for our picnic.

Between us we basically devoured everything, and quickly too!

Then it was time to head into the park.


The first thing the kids saw was the engine ride but we managed to whisk them past this and on to meet Shaun the Sheep!


Then we had a ride on the Ferris wheel – which Jack decided later on was his favourite part of the day!


After getting off the Ferris Wheel, we went and met Mr Tickle and Hello Kitty!

Daddy, Rachel and Jack went on the ridiculously high swing ride- I was not going on this having already done the Ferris wheel!!


By this time it was getting really warm so we headed over to the theatre to see Horrible Histories but we were disappointed as the time had been changed so we had missed it 🙁

wpid-img_20140713_200147.jpgThe kids got some ice lollies and we headed over to the main stage and sat in the sunshine waiting for the first of the main line-up – the Bootleg Beatles.

They came on at 2pm and did a great set. The children didn’t really know any of the music but they had fun, dancing around, and playing around us in the sun, and I had a fab time singing along to all the songs.

After this the kids and I went on the teacup ride. I still feel dizzy from it now!

Then we headed back to the theatre to see the Chickenshed performance and then finally we caved and let them go on the train ride.

wpid-wp-1405281870418.jpegBy this time, Jack was starting to get a bit tired and hot and bothered. Rachel had an ice-cream, then we caught a bit of the 10CC set on the main stage before starting to wend our way back to the train station.

I was gutted that we didn’t get to see the rest of the acts – Little Mix, Boyzone and Tom Jones but everyone had really had enough by this point and to be honest, I knew in advance that this was the case so it wasn’t too disappointing. And Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts made it better!


All in all we had a great day and we are already talking about coming back again next year! I was a bit cautious about taking the children to a festival but they really enjoyed themselves and particularly loved meeting the characters and going on the rides – even if the train ride was too tame for Rachel!

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