Easter activities

So it is Easter.

To reflect this and to entertain the children throughout the school holidays, amongst other things, we have been doing some easter themed crafts and activities.

We have made easter bonnets, easter cards, easter masks and even incorporated some shredded wheat chocolate nests.easter nests

Easter Masks

bunny mask

bunny mask

The masks are from a multipack I bought on sale from Hobbycraft. They simply coloured them in themselves. The packs also contained sheep and chicken masks. We may go back to them and decorate them more if we have the time.

Easter Cards

The easter cards Rachel helped me make were colourful pictures of easter eggs which we then decorated with pastel coloured buttons. I had a large amount of pastel coloured card stock and envelopes already in the craft drawers and have recently become inspired to do button crafts – which will feature in a later post.

Just a quick note that these look very cute, but do not travel very well in the post!

Easter nests

These are made in the same way as the good old rice crispy or cornflake cakes, but we found that shredded wheat made it look much more nest-like. We also had to use plain chocolate eggs- the ideal would have been mini eggs, but all the corner shops around us seem to be suffering from a world shortage of the crispy coated drops of chocolate yumminess.

our ingredients

our ingredients

So here is the recipe we used:

100g butter

1 tbsp cocoa powder

50g chocolate

75g golden syrup

4 shredded wheat

miniature chocolate eggs

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We melted the butter, cocoa powder, syrup and chocolate in a microwaveable bowl for about 1-2 minutes in the microwave.

Then we stirred until it was all melted together.

Next we crumbled in the shredded wheat and stirred it all up again.

Spoon this mixture into paper cake cases, add the chocolate eggs and chill for approx 30 mins .

easter nests

easter nests






This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 April challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Woburn Forest.

The tip from Center Parcs Chief Creative Chef that inspired our recipe is :

•    Mix some cereal, such as bran or broken up wheat, together with some melted chocolate and form the mixture in to nest-like shapes, leaving to cool for a finished nest

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

Easter bonnets

We made easter bonnets – again using a kit from hobby craft. The pack came with all the bits you would need to make a green bonnet, with “grass”, bunny, chick, flowers and sequins.

The little glue container in the kit was very little and didn’t really stick the card together very well, so we had to use some sellotape. And in order to attach all the other bits we had to the hat we needed more glue than in the pot.

We had great fun sticking and gluing the bits on. The kids needed help making the plain bonnet but then were able to do some of the other bits by themselves. Jack, only being 3, needed a bit more assistance with some of the more complex items.wpid-20140419_071402.jpg

Overall result looked good though.

Last year Rachel and I made a nest bonnet using a ring from hobby craft, some raffia which we painted dark brown and then some yellow chicks and eggs that we had painted in bright colours. I wish I could find a picture to put on here but I have searched my files and don’t seem to have one.

Easter egg hunt

I have in the past, done a couple of Easter Egg hunts with Rachel, but this is the first time that I will have done one with Jack, as he was too young to understand this time last year.

They can be as easy or as complex as you like.

2 years ago I made a handful of picture clues for Rachel and hid the eggs all over the house. Not sure that my artistic abilities were that good and I have no idea how I managed to organise this while she was there and I was continuously feeding a 2 month old – but miraculously I did, and it was a success in that she found all the eggs!

This year we have been staying at my Dad’s in Manchester for the weekend so the hunt took place here.
My cousin and family came over too. We had planned to stash some chocolate eggs around Dad’s garden – 3 each as we felt that was enough chocolate!! – and let them loose to run around the garden and find them. However the weather was not in our favour so we had to opt for an indoor hunt.


 Here are some other Easter crafts the kids did at nursery/school/childminders.