Tie-dye t-shirts

Today we have made some tie-dye t-shirts!

tie-dye t-shirts

We used some more of the plain white t-shirts I had bought for the previous t-shirt activity for this.wpid-20140421_200752.jpg

We used two different methods to do our tie-dye designed t-shirts. I bought some small packets of clothes dyes – pink and blue.

Method 1

We mixed the pink with some warm water and put it into squeezy bottles.


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We made lots and lots of little twists in the t-shirt by pinching small sections and twirling it up, and then we secured them with rubber bands.

When the t-shirt had enough twists in it, we laid it on some newspaper and using the squeeze bottles of dye, we dripped the dye onto the tied up twists- and quite a lot over the rest of the t-shirt too!

After this we popped it into a plastic bag and left it to one side over-night.

The following day we took it out of the bag and rinsed it out with cold water until the water was running clear.

rinsing it out

rinsing it out

Then we could remove the rubber bands.

The t-shirt was then ready to be washed again and left to dry.



Method 2

For Jack we tried a slightly simpler method.


all tied up

Firstly we laid the t-shirt down on the flop and then using pinch fingers we pulled it up from the middle. We then twisted it up and held the twists in place with rubber bands.

This time we mixed the dye with 500ml warm water and then added this to a washing-up bowl with 6l of warm water and 250g salt.


dunking the tied up tee


Jack stirred it all up and then we placed the whole t-shirt into the bowl and left it there to soak for about 15 minutes.


all dyed up

After this we took it out and also placed it in a plastic bag to dry overnight and for the colours to set.

Again we followed the same method as above and rinsed it in cold water until the water ran clear and then removed the elastic bands before washing it properly again.


watching the washing machine

watching the washing machine

NB for the next couple of washes keep them separate from other clothes in case the dye runs 🙂

Psychadelia at its best!


the finished article

For some other ideas on tie-dying see some ideas here.

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