Knights in Shining Armour

Hobbycraft is a great place to get crafty accessories, but it is not the only place.

I have recently used Yellow Moon for a couple of products and kits.

Yellow moon are an online and catalogue company selling all sorts of arts and crafts supplies.

One of the things I bought was a Knights crafts pack.

Since Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants is one of Jack’s favourite books at the moment I thought it would be something that appealed to him.

wpid-20140608_113635.jpgThe craft pack included metallic pens, adhesive plastic jewels, a pack of 6 cardboard swords, a pack of 4 cardboard shields and a pack of 6 cardboard helmets. All for £12.99 I thought it was quite reasonable.

So one afternoon while Rachel was at a friends birthday party, in order to avoid the inevitable drama as Jack was not invited to the party I opened it up and announced that we were going to have some fun.

Jack has a very short attention span so it took a bit of encouragement to get him to really make an effort to decorate the card blanks. He really enjoyed sticking on the jewels and had a go at using the metallic pens to decorate and draw patterns.

With some help from Mummy we produced 2 of each item.

We started with the swords as he had been asking for his own sword one day when reading Sir Scallywag.wpid-20140608_113918.jpg

Firstly he drew lines with the pens and then he decorated the hilt and blade with the stick-on jewels.





Then we made the helmets. Unfortunately the elastic they provided was rather too long to get the helmet to stay on Jack’s 3 year old head, but with a bit of knot tying we managed to shorten it almost enough!


After a break for some lunch we then decorated the shields. He was not too sure about doing more than just drawing lines so I talked him through how to colour it in a bit more and showed him and he enjoyed having a go himself.

Then we tried on our Knightly attire and pretended we were knights before Rachel returned.


The great thing was that there are plenty more so we can re-do the activity with Rachel at a later date.