Decorate your own Fabric Apron

We have been decorating our own fabric aprons from Yellow Moon.wpid-20140608_085614.jpg

As mentioned in the post Knights in Shining Armour – Yellow Moon is an alternative to Hobbycraft for arts and craft supplies.

I recently purchased a “decorate your own fabric apron kit” and we finally gave it a go.wpid-wp-1401089897831.jpg

The aprons come in a pack of two – ideal for us, as it meant we only had to buy one pack for our kids. We used the t-shirt pens bought from Sainsbury’s and set about our designs.

wpid-20140608_085745.jpgJack managed a squiggle, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy doing elaborate colouring and he has a short attention span so that was about as much as he physically did by himself.


I helped him with the rest.

wpid-20140608_085731.jpgRachel needed less assistance and hers was looking very promising when she began with a pretty flower. However she easily gets distracted and instead of doing what she had started to do, when she saw what I was doing with Jack she then changed her mind and decided to copy it.

Under direction from Jack, and with some encouragement from me to get him to join in a bit more too, we made his squiggles into a strange looking alien.

It was a really simple and straightforward activity, but leaves them with their own homemade designed aprons to use when we are doing other activities!

The aprons cost £3.99 for a pack of two, which I thought is really reasonable so they are practically disposable at that price!