Painting with feet!

This week, before the weather turned, Jack and I had some fun outside, painting with our feet. wpid-collage-2014-06-24-11_06_48.jpg.jpeg I had managed to get hold of an enormous roll of brown paper so I cut off a nice big piece and laid it out on the decking. Then I filled up the paddling pool with warm soapy water – ready to wash off afterwards. We squeezed some different coloured paints onto paper plates and it was time to get stuck in and make a mess! wpid-collage-2014-06-24-11_09_21.jpg.jpegWe had a lot of fun getting the squidgy paint between our toes and walking up and down over the paper, making a great big messy pattern. Then Jack stripped off and got in the paddling pool to clean up, while I hung the painting up to dry. The finished article looks great and this is a great and cheap way to jazz up the plain, brown paper for use as wrapping paper! wpid-20140628_101559.jpgFun and practical. Always the best activities to do! wpid-collage-2014-06-24-11_12_59.jpg.jpeg

I must also credit here my wonderful blogger friend Ciara from Our Little House in the Country from whom we completely pinched this idea!

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